To The Future

El Mac

To The Future

  • 2014

To The Future

Miles MacGregor, a.k.a.”EL Mac” is a urban landscape artist born in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. El Mac is mostly inspired by Los Angeles’ unique blend of the surrounding Mexican & Chicano Phoenix and the American Southwest cultures. His work combines themes and techniques of classical art, with inspiration from Mexican culture, pin-up art, and religious imagery and rewards us with these beautifully painted walls. Enjoy

The following is his latest work commissioned by Enevtscape in Toronto. If you never want to miss an update by El Mac press here.

20140916 01 03-001
20140916 01 04-001
20140916 01 07-001
20140916 01 02-001
20140916 01 01-001

a sample of his previous work The Anonymous Farm Worker

20140916 01 08-001
20140916 01 09-001

images © El Mac

via Lotus Girl

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