Simon Birch Paintings

Simon Birch Paintings

  • 2014

Simon Birch Paintings

The acclaimed Simon Birch is a UK-born artist who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong.  Simon thinks of himself as poly-cultural and despite being English he is not really English. He left home at 16, went to Australia and when his visa ran out he flew to Hong Kong. He has worked in a bar,then as a laborer and then he has even worked on the Tsing Ma Bridge.

In Hong Kong, he had approached many galleries but in vain. Having cut-out the galleries system, he started on his own. Having sold his first painting for 300$ in 2003, his paintings are now worth quite a lot more. You can find more about Simon in a very interesting interview in Hong Kong Magazine and follow him on Facebook.

You can see his work in Ben Brown Fine Arts gallery in London, where he will be exhibitting in Ovtober 2014.

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20140917 01 07-001
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20140917 01 03-001
20140917 01 01-001

images © Simon Birch

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