Pálma Babos

Pálma Babos

  • 2016

Pálma Babos

Pálma Babos is in a long running love affair with the plasticity and functionality of porcelain. After an absence of 4 years, Pálma and her skyscraper structures return to PULS.

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What are you doing this fine day?

-I enjoy the snowy winterdays. Every morning I go for a walk with my dogs and with other dog owners to the near forest that is beautiful at the wintertime. Seeing the happiness of the dogs full with energy and the nature’s changing faces everyday is the best start of a day. The cold and fresh air and kind company lift me.

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What would you change in the art world?

-In my opinion the art is a kind of communication. The artists draft their opinion and articulate their emotions about the world around us. An artist does it because she/he must to do it. If the artist’ piece finds a sympathetic and understanding audience that will be luck. We all need this minutes when we are thought by music a good book a sculpture or a painting. I think the common ways of life consume in our societies these intimate minutes.

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What statement could sign every work of yours?

-My porcelain sculptures evoke the cities of the 21st century, pulsating with relationships of singles and couples who inhabit them. Buildings become humans as they act, crumble and collapse, turn aside, fall down gently and softly; not so much as dying, rather just giving in to some unavoidable force. Among the towers transcending into humans we cannot but recognise the parallels with human society. This content possibility is what especially intrigues me in „The City” nowadays.

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images © Pálma Babos & PULS

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