Maria Gabriela Brito

  • 2015

Maria Gabriela Brito

Maria Gabriela Brito is an interior designer, author, curator, art consultant and happy mother of two. We met somewhere between NY and Athens and Maria was kind enough to be subjected to one of our super-mini interviews.

The Clutches series featured below follow one simple formula. Maria BritoKatherine BernhardtNatalie Frank Trudy Benson = Objets d’art.

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What are you doing this fine day?

-It’s Saturday and it’s crazy busy in NYC because of Fashion Week but I just checked a beautiful Frank Stella show at Paul Kasmin Gallery and also Terry Haggerty at Sikkema Jenkins & Co – both in Chelsea.

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What would you change in the art world?

-Anything that’s bullshit, the elevation of talentless artists and the obsession to keep it all hermetic.

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What would be the tweet (max 140 characters) that could sign every work of yours?

-Bold, authentic, colorful, fearless, dynamic, intense, soulful, lush and irreverent.

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images © Maria Gabriela Brito

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