Jesse Kamm

Jesse Kamm

  • 2014

Jesse Kamm

Jesse Kamm is an Illinois born designer. She had a tender childhood bathed in nature, art, and music. In 2005 she founded in Los Angeles the luxury, artisan label, Jesse Kamm. Jesse is committed to sustainability, and every possible effort is made to reduce their environmental impact. 60-70% of the fabrics used in the production of the line are dead stock and remnants.

Jesse lives in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, California with her husband, Luke, and her grubby baby boy Julien. They spend part of their time surfing in Panama.

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When I was in Panama this summer I entered a state of mind, I call it the free state. It’s a place of total contentment, a place of peace, a place of good intention. Stay on vacation in your every day life.. let the sand stay in your sheets, wear a bikini under your work clothes, turn off the phone, eat a pineapple.

Below is a series of photos, part of a great interview by Freunde Von Freunden. You can find it here. Effi thanks so much for contributing inspiration.

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