Hanging By A Hair

Hanging By A Hair


  • 2017

Hanging By A Hair

Lilit Asiryan is a freelance concept and graphic designer based in Stockholm. Apart from her work within visual communication, Lilit creates handmade objects, some of which feature in her newly launched online store called Oners. Hanging By a Hair  is a series of still lifes exploring the relationship between texture and colour. The image focus lies in geometry and distinct lines with the attention to colour and light. Photographed by Julia Tatarchenko.

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20170123 02 small
20170123 03 small
20170123 05 small
20170123 06 small
20170123 09 small
20170123 07 small
20170123 08 small
20170123 01 small

images © Oners

Photos by Julia Tatarchenko

via Booooooom

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