Glory Holes

  • 2015

Richard Yasmine

Richard Yasmine is a Lebanese designer, believing that design should be simple, bold, and straight forward. The “Glory Holes” series below is a multi-functional design piece made of marble, solid brass and metal sheets and serves more than one functions.

Richard was king enough to share his thoughts in a super-mini interview. Enjoy.

What are you doing this fine day?

-Lately I am working on integrating the Middle Eastern and specially the Lebanese knowhow and spirit in the recipe of each of my product, collaborating with craftsmen, using traditional carving and marquetry on rough solid materials like wood, metals and stones, seeking to spread the marriage between tradition and new technologies, keeping my entire identity which is a chaos mixing craziness to sobriety maybe a weird contradiction and combination but, this is my signature.

20151116 02 small
20151116 05 small

What would you change in the art world?

-Not seeking for any changes in the art world, I only believe design should be minimalistic, simple, bold, and straight forward with this touch of fantasy that I already talked about, particularly because it is something innate in my character, while merging the experimental dimension with a professional knowledge.
I try always to incorporate a fresh approach sticking to my culture and tradition, using technology and methodology, perception and spaces, sometimes in a chaotic process but with a very neat sharp result not following any specific period or trend but a reflection to my own image.

20151116 07 small
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What would be the tweet (max 140 characters) that could sign every work of yours?

-The ability of combining reality and fantasy in a provocative yet glamorous way while preserving the eternal aspect of the design.

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images © Richard Yasmine