Conservatorium Alcarol

Eleonora Dal Farra & Andrea Forti

Conservatorium Alcarol

  • 2014

Conservatorium Alcarol

Have you ever dreamed of encapsulating a memory, a moment or a smell so you can keep it forever? Alcarol did dream about it too, and they did do it also. Alcarol is a studio, workshop, creative factory, atelier and showroom and is the product of the creative fellowship between Andrea Forti, an architect and Eleonora Dal Farra, a conservator. Their shared desire is to produce independently and with passion, deeply poetic objects, and to achieve equilibrium between eclectic craftsmanship, manufacture of one-off pieces and industrial production of limited edition items.


The Dolomyth series below aims to capture the complex relief of the Dolomites, which is rich in forms and the result of a successful and harmonious combination of structural shapes and climatic conditions. Following, the FishEye series, was created with a view to the aesthetic value of the timber of the historical poles that have endured decades of weathering in the canals of Venice.  This creates a beautiful contrast between outer decay and inner robustness. Enjoy


images © Alcarol

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