Carolina Mizrahi II

Carolina Mizrahi

Carolina Mizrahi

Carolina Mizrahi, previously here, is a is a Brazilian photographer, stylist, and art director. This is the Ella series. Carolina was kind enough to be subjected to one of our super-mini interviews.

Enjoy and explore more here, here and here.

What are you doing this fine day?

-I am working on a commission for an art gallery based in Amsterdam. The inspiration comes from the duality between good and evil within the human nature. It’s really embryonic right now, I am basically sketching for each image at the moment.

20160818 01 small
20160818 02 small

What would you change in the art world?

-I have just stepped in the art world, I never really had the ambition of becoming an artist, but I like the direction things have taken. Taking this in consideration, I think I am pretty new on this business and haven’t had enough experiences myself in order to make up my mind about it.

20160818 03 small
20160818 04 small

What What do you want to be remembered as?

-That is such a deep question, I don’t really know. I guess if people apart from my family and friends remember me, that is a sign that my artwork somehow was relevant to someone else. I guess if people remember me on a positive way that is already good enough.

20160818 05 small
20160818 06 small

images © Carolina Mizrahi

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