Bonvo Jewelry

Bonvo Jewelry

  • 2016

Bonvo Jewelry

Meet Bonvo Jewelry, a Greek-based creative team led by Maria Leonidopoulou, making handcrafted minimalistic jewelry out of metal and simple materials.

Inspiration is drawn by travels,daily moments and life’s simplicity. We had the pleasure in interviewing Maria, the designer and creative director somewhere between Notting Hill and Athens.

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What are you doing this fine day?

-It’s a sunny morning in a usually moody London and I just enjoyed a quick coffee in Notting Hill area. Now, I am going to my Pimlico studio to start some “hard” silversmith work!

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What would you change in the art world?

-I wouldn’t change anything in the art world, as I think it’s the most inspiring kind of world we have right now. For me art is the last power we would have to change in the real world.

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What do you want to be remembered as?

-Wow, I have never thought about this before. I think I would like to be remembered as the lucky one who achieved making her big love a day job! Designing & creating minimalistic products with one purpose · make other people’s daily lives unique and beautiful in the simple way, without big effort.

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images © Bonvo Jewelry

model Marianna Tassy

photos by Alexis Mantas

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