Annalisa Ferraris

Annalisa Ferraris

  • 2017

Annalisa Ferraris

Annalisa Ferraris is an Darlinghurst, Australia based painter. While working for her upcoming exhibition at China Heights on the May 19th, she was kind enough to  be subjected to our super-mini interviews.

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20170420 10 small Good Annalisa

What are you doing this fine day?

- I just got back from a painting trip to The Royal National Park in Sydney, where a few fellow artists and I spent the night and painted during the day.

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What would you change in the art world?

-There’s a few things that seem a little old fashioned, like being able to reserve works without putting down a deposit, it would be good to see that change, because the artist otherwise has no security on a sale and it seems a little unjust.
Smaller commission cuts from Galleries would be nice too!

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What What do you want to be remembered as?

-I would love to be remembered as a hard edge colour field abstraction painter, who loved what she did and worked hard at it.

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Thanks so much Annalisa!

images © Annalisa Ferraris

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